Distributed Content Repositories Manage Big Data Across Geographies


NetApp distributed content repositories can help manage big data intelligently across geographies. Content is growing fast, and objects that must be stored are increasing in both size and lifespan. To help meet this challenge, NetApp provides content-repository solutions with data scalability, enterprise reliability, and object management. You can download the new Forrester Total Economic Impact™ […]

Visual Analytics Solves 5 Big Data Challenges

Visual Analytics

Big Data often present big challenges. However visual analytics can help solve 5 of the biggest big data challenges.

Big Data Gets its Own Quarterly Journal

Big Data is getting its own quarterly journal with a little help from Chief Editor Edd Dumbill. Big Data, a highly innovative, open access peer-reviewed journal, provides a unique forum for world-class research exploring the challenges and opportunities in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating vast amounts of data, including data science, big data infrastructure and analytics, […]

Whitepaper: Cisco Makes the Moves on Big Data

Clipped from: www.cisco.com (share this clip) Aneel Lakhani writes that there’s been some recent moves by Cisco around big data, particularly with regards to Hadoop running on Cisco’s Nexus switches and UCS servers. Of note is the publication of an excellent paper, Big Data in the Enterprise: Network Design Considerations. In reviewing multiple data models, […]

Sponsored Post: Panasas Whitepaper on Solving Big Data Problems with Private Cloud Storage

Intersect360 Research is out with a new whitepaper this week entitled: “Solving Big Data Problems with Private Cloud Storage.” The paper includes a case study on University of Leicester, which used Panasas ActiveStor to deploy a private cloud. For private storage clouds to be effective, they must address several essential elements, including: Aggregation: Resources are pooled […]

Whitepaper: Building Data Science Teams

How do you build a ‘data driven’ organization?  How can existing firms be transformed into data driven juggernauts? DJ Patil, former Head of Analytics and Data Teams at LinkedIN and currently a Data Science in Residence at Greylock Partners, has written a white paper outlining how analytics operations are designed, what they do, the tools […]

Whitepaper: Hybrid-core: The “Big Data” Computing Architecture

Convey Computer is out with a new whitepaper that explains how their hybrid-core architecture is well suited to Big Data and Graph Computing: As we have reviewed, solving graph problems takes a different approach to computing. One such approach is the Convey HC (hybrid-core) family of computer systems. The Convey systems offer a balanced architecture: […]

Video: Understanding Analytic Workloads

In this video from Netezza, analytic workloads are explained in plain English. While there are many analytic variants and subspecialties—predictive analytics, in-database analytics, advanced analytics, web analytics, and so on—this text focuses on the characteristic demands that nearly all analytic processing problems place on modern information systems. We refer to these demands as an analytic […]

Big Compute Reviews New Whitepaper on Data-Intensive HPC

The Big Compute blog reviews a new SGI whitepaper on data-intensive computing by Steve Conway of IDC: “IDC claims that data-intensive workloads are going to become par for the HPC course in coming years, making up a more sizable portion of the overall high performance computing market. Conway notes that “in addition, while many big […]