Data Science 101: Building Your Data Science Toolbox

Jeremy Howard made a presentation to the Melbourne R meetup group, where he gave a brief overview of his “data scientist’s toolbox” (using a few Kaggle competitions as practical examples), and also provided an introduction to ensembles of decision trees (including the well-known Random Forest™ algorithm).

Accenture’s View of Big Data Trends


Here is an informative short video presentation from the recent Strata Conference 2014 in Santa Clara featuring Mike Hendrickson, VP Content Strategy over at O’Reilly Media interviewing Vince Dell’anno, Big Data Lead for Accenture. The discussion centers around big data trends such as what types of organizations tend to need big data technology more than […]

Video: Introducing the Wolfram Language – Knowledge-based Functional Programming


Stephen Wolfram introduces the Wolfram Language, a “knowledge based” symbolic programming language that enables powerful functional programming, querying of large databases, flexible interactivity, and easy deployment. It looks to be incredibly versatile. Could this be the future of Big Data?

An Insiders View of Data Science at Pearson


Global education giant Pearson uses data science to make their products better especially for student outcomes. The video below features a recent Cloud episode of Google Developers Live, with Felipe Hoffa hosting Pearson’s Director of Data Science Collin Sellman, to celebrate Python Pandas release 0.13 and its Google BigQuery connector. Jacob Schaer and Sean Schaefer join them to demo its capabilities, and how Pearson uses data science to improve education.

Using Analytics to Build a Big Data Workforce

Everyone’s talking about hiring data scientists but most pundits continue to focus on skills rather than the mindset required for this challenging role. Talent Analytics CEO Greta Roberts spoke about this topic to a group of data scientists attending the Boston area Big Data Analytics Meetup group on February 4th, 2014.

How Companies are Using Spark


The video below comes to us from the Strata Conference 2014: How Companies are Using Spark, and Where the Edge in Big Data Will Be. While the first big data systems made a new class of applications possible, organizations must now compete on the speed and sophistication with which they can draw value from data. […]

Strata Conference 2014 Slides and Videos

Last week saw evidence for the big data industry steamroller effect as the Strata Conference 2014 in Santa Clara came and went. With thousands of attendees, an abundance of informative presentations, and a very healthy exhibitor ecosystem, the show defined the current state-of-the-art for all that is big data. If you missed the big event, O’Reilly Media has graciously made available the slides and videos for some of the presentations.

Scarsin Announces Version 7 of i2e


Scarsin Corporation, a software development and services company specializing in enterprise Business Intelligence (BI), today announced the release of its new Version of i2e, its Integrated Insight Environment platform for BI.

H2O and Cloudera Team Up to Deliver In-Memory Predictive Analytics

H2O, the open source in-memory machine learning and predictive analytics company for big data, announced a partnership with Cloudera, a leader in enterprise data management powered by Apache™ Hadoop.

Is Hadoop Ready for the Future?


Actian Corporation today challenged the industry to consider whether current implementations of Hadoop can translate to mainstream adoption. While many organizations have made significant Hadoop investments, most projects are still experimental.