Predicting the Popularity of a Tweet


As social media becomes increasingly important as a data source for the purposes of machine learning, finding a brand new method for analyzing the Twitter microblogging platform is very compelling. Tauid Zaman, assistant professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, developed a probabilistic model for the spread of an individual tweet in the twitterverse.

Visualization of the Week: Sentence Drawing


This week’s top visualization is actually a new algorithmic technique for showing the aesthetic and organic beauty of language based on a very innovative use of R and the popular ggplot2 package.

Visualization of the Week: Viz Hall of Fame


Witness the Viz Hall of Fame thanks for our friends at Tableau Software. Featured are several cool visualizations submitted to the company by users of Tableau Public including: Nuclear Explosions Since 1945, Marriage Equality Around the World, 1000 Number 1 Albums, and Do Old Movies Get Better With Age?

Information Visualization


Information visualization is an increasingly important element of big data as it is the technology best able to convey the message emanating from the data. Here is a nice paper “Infovis and Statistical Graphics: Different Goals, Different Looks” (pdf) by Andrew Gelman (Professor of Statistics at Columbia University) and Antony Unwin that discusses the topic of information visualization.

Visualization of the Week: Groups of Death in the World Cup


When FIFA announced the final matchups for the 2014 World Cup, the selections brought tough news for U.S. soccer fans. Team USA was placed in a group with Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. Germany and Portugal are both ranked among the top five teams in the world and Ghana beat the United States in the previous two World Cups. For Team USA, it’s a group of death.

Visualization of the Week: 2013 Year in Review


2013 was a pretty good year for data and visualizations. Visualization in particular continues to mature and focus more on the data first than on novel designs and magnitude of scope. Our friends over at FlowingData have put together a thought-provoking REVIEW of many of the year’s most compelling visualizations.

Create a Christmas Tree Data Model in 30 Seconds

It’s Seasons Greetings time again and our friends over at data visualization vendor Miner3D thought you would enjoy seeing the power of their new Miner3D ONE software on something Christmas related. Here is a video showing the use of simulated data in creating a special Yuletide data model.

Visualization of the Week: Citeology

Citeology is an extraordinary project coordinated by Justin Matejka, a member of the research laboratory of modeling software Autodesk/AutoCAD. Citeology looks at the relationships between research publications through their use of citations. The names of each of the 3,502 papers published at the ACM CHI and ACM UIST Human Computer Interaction (HCI) conferences between 1982 […]

Visualization of the Week: Philanthropy Data


The Foundation Center, a global philanthropy think tank, launched its Foundation Stats data visualization and exploration tool this week, which allows users to generate charts and reports from its large database of foundations and grants.

Demo: map-D Visualizes Big Data Fast with GPUs


In this video from SC13, Thomas Graham and Todd Mostak from map-D demonstrate their super-fast GPU database technology. “We build unique databases that process huge datasets in milliseconds, performing up to 70 times faster than CPU-based solutions.”