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Slidecast: SGI to Speed High Performance Analysis with Big Data Innovations


Drawing on extensive expertise and experience in HPC and managing high volume storage, SGI is introducing new solutions to perform Big Data analytics faster. Now the enterprise can achieve extreme capacity and scale needed for Big Data storage, and manage storage investments more cost effectively.

DS3 – A REST/S3 Interface for Deep Storage


Designed by Spectra Logic, DS3 is the first native REST-based interface to deep storage which enables the easy archival of large amounts of bulk data. It is a data transport and communication interface that allows software clients to direct and manage “bulk” storage read or write operations to and from deep storage. DS3 utilizes the standard S3 command set plus additional commands specifically designed to optimize the transport of data objects to and from tape.

Spectra Logic Rolls Out “Deep Storage”


The deep storage tier offers the ease of use of cloud and web interfaces while removing the constraint of network connections that are too expensive or slow to handle migration of large data sets to the public cloud. Additionally, most customers want unrestricted access to the data in their deep storage, which is something they can’t always have with public cloud offerings.

MongoDB the Highest Flyer in Big Data


Having recently raised $150 million in financing to accelerate its global expansion, MongoDB now qualifies as the most funded big data startup company. The round included industry heavy hitters such as Salesforce and Intel, Altimeter Capital, T. Rowe Price Associates, Sequoia Capital plus a unnamed financial services company as lead investor. The new participation brings […]

With BlackPearl and DS3, Low Cost Tape Storage Comes to Hadoop


“BlackPearl enables the use of tape to easily store massive volumes of data objects and is ideal for any compute environment that needs to store data for long periods of time. The appliance sets the stage for the adoption of deep storage tiers across new and expanding use cases that currently cannot easily access the absolute lowest cost storage option due to the historic lack of RESTful, web-based interfaces to tape library storage,” said Molly Rector, executive vice president product management and worldwide marketing, Spectra Logic.

Forever Data: Tape Goes RESTful with Spectra Logic Deep Storage


Our vision and roadmap for delivering deep storage solutions is designed to meet the new, evolving storage requirements of modern data centers and use cases,” said Nathan Thompson, founder and chief executive officer, Spectra Logic. “There is a transformation occurring in how organizations amass, use and store long term data that necessitates a new tier of storage – deep storage – that delivers extreme low cost, power efficiency, high density and massive scalability.

Planes, Trains and Data Growth

Kevin Dudak

In this special guest feature, Kevin Dudak from Spectra Logic looks at how often data storage boils down to issues of Space, Time, and Money.

Big Data Humor: Data in the Cloud


With all the new buzzwords and technical jargon to confuse the folks upstairs in your C-suite, who’s to say what’s real and what’s not?

NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source and significant emerging technology for solving business problems around large volumes of mostly unstructured data that cannot be analyzed with traditional database tools. The NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop combines the power of the Hadoop framework with flexible storage, professional support, and services of NetApp and its partners to deliver […]

NetApp Distributed Content Repository


The Distributed Content Repository from NetApp was designed to extend object-based storage across geographies and provide a repository for unstructured content that is effectively infinite, practically immortal, and highly intelligent. In a new ESG Lab report, the NetApp Distributed Content Repository is examined in the context of transparent connectivity to massively scalable, object-based storage for […]