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Interview: Carpathia Leverages Hadoop and the Cloud to Host Big Data Solutions


“As a cloud operator and managed hosting provider, we’re seeing demand from a wide range of companies that are interested in leveraging the scalability and efficiency benefits of the cloud to better manage, analyze, and extract value from Big Data.”

Interview: Spectra Logic and Deep Storage Solutions for Massive Data

Kevin Dudak

“Deep storage, and tape library-based storage in general, benefit organizations that are looking to incorporate low-cost, high-density, scalable storage into their fast-growth data environments. Industries that recognize the value and regularly rely on tape storage include education, federal and state government, finance, life sciences, media and entertainment, oil and gas exploration, and Web 2.0, among others.”

Tarmin Defines and Refines Data Defined Storage


“We are continuing to align GridBank with the growing demands of the information economy to deliver a future proof data centric solution for organizations. “

Interview: OneFold Analytics for Mobile and Wearable Apps


OneFold believes that the expertise of a data scientist should be used for solving the most complex of analysis and not for the more day-to-day aspects of data extraction. The company uses a plug and play DHQL platform for automated data extraction, transformation, querying and reporting. Navneet Aron and Uday Sandhar, co-founders of OneFold, teamed up to answer our questions about this intriguing technology.

Splice Machine Gets Funding for its Real-Time SQL-on-Hadoop Database


Splice Machine can already boast of having the only real-time SQL-on-Hadoop database for Big Data and now they have additional funding to further expand the company’s offerings.

Interview: Inktank Joins Forces with Open Source Mainstays Red Hat and OpenStack

Ross Turk

Intank Ceph, the open source software-defined storage system, has expanded its offerings and its customer base by supporting new Red Hat and OpenStack products. To get the specifics, we caught up with Ross Turk, Vice President of Community at Inktank.

Guavus to Deliver Big Data Analytics Applications in a Virtualized Environment


Guavus, the provider of big data analytics solutions, today announced a platform update that extends the power of real-time analytics applications throughout a virtual infrastructure. The Guavus Reflex™ Platform is an operational intelligence technology that can be deployed in virtualized service infrastructures to provide Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with critical customer information in real-time.

Interview: Ubuntu Takes on Hyperscale Using Open Source Technology


“The term and current marketing around “Big Data” may be over-spun, but it’s clear that the ability to store and process lots of data will unlock many interesting use cases that were simply not even considered to be requirements in the past. There are certainly going to be an increasing number of companies and sites that focus on analyzing the data they are generating and collecting with an eye to generating valuable insights – answers to questions like “in what geographical location do my products sell the most?” and “what demographic buys my highest margin products?”

Interview: Scalable Informatics Teams with Lucera for Low Latency

Joe Landman

“We’ve been working with Cantor Fitzgerald’s spin-out Lucera to architect, build, and support a very low latency, very high performance IaaS. They have developed tools to enable an intelligent distributed market, and are offering this extreme performance and advanced FX capability to traders all over the world.”

SAP HANA Storage Solution


SAP HANA enables real-time access to mission-critical, business data and thus revolutionizes the way existing information can be utilized to address ever changing business requirements. A special whitepaper is now available thata describes both the business and technical benefits of implementing the Cisco UCS with NetApp Storage for SAP HANA solution.