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Slidecast: BitYota Data Warehouse Service


In this slidecast, Dev Patel and Poulomi Damany from BitYota describe the company’s Data Warehouse Service. “We are a Data Warehouse Service (DWS) available on major cloud providers like Rackspace and Amazon. We are designed from the ground up for high performance analytics on JSON data from fast-changing applications including web & mobile analytics and NoSQL stores like MongoDB. We don’t impact your operational store or app and best of all, as a fully managed service, we take the headache out of having to set up and manage another data platform.”

Revolution Analytics – Big Data Analytics Platform on Amazon’s AWS Marketplace

Revolution Analytics, the commercial provider of open source R software, today announced the availability of Revolution R Enterprise 7 (RRE 7) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) via the AWS Marketplace. RRE 7 is the Big Data Analytics platform powered by R.

Interview: Ubuntu Takes on Hyperscale Using Open Source Technology


“The term and current marketing around “Big Data” may be over-spun, but it’s clear that the ability to store and process lots of data will unlock many interesting use cases that were simply not even considered to be requirements in the past. There are certainly going to be an increasing number of companies and sites that focus on analyzing the data they are generating and collecting with an eye to generating valuable insights – answers to questions like “in what geographical location do my products sell the most?” and “what demographic buys my highest margin products?”

Interview: Scalable Informatics Teams with Lucera for Low Latency

Joe Landman

“We’ve been working with Cantor Fitzgerald’s spin-out Lucera to architect, build, and support a very low latency, very high performance IaaS. They have developed tools to enable an intelligent distributed market, and are offering this extreme performance and advanced FX capability to traders all over the world.”

Slidecast: Announcing the Altiscale Data Cloud


“Altiscale offers the first cloud service purpose-built to run Apache Hadoop. We run the latest version of Hadoop on custom infrastructure, augmented with Apache Hive, Pig, and Oozie, and with first-class support for Python, R, and Ruby. Altiscale’s infrastructure is faster, more reliable, easier to use, and more affordable than alternatives.”

Watson and IBM’s Big Bet on Analytics


“IBM appears to be seeing about the same results as other companies pushing big data technology, such as Hadoop. There’s some money coming in, but it’s not yet a billion-dollar business. There’s potential for really big deals, but it probably means slogging through long proofs of concept and deployment cycles.”

ESG Lab Validation Report – NetApp Distributed Content Repository


In a new ESG Lab report, the NetApp Distributed Content Repository is examined in the context of transparent connectivity to massively scalable, object-based storage for enterprises in data centers, branch and remote offices as well as in the cloud, via service providers.

Object Storage for Dummies – NetApp Special Edition


Enterprise data is growing rapidly – reaching multiple petabytes for many organizations. To maximize the business value of this data, enterprises need a storage infrastructure to store, manage, and retrieve a massive amounts of data. This eBook shows you how to address large content repository challenges with object storage.

Hadoop-as-a-Service a Timely Deployment Option


The Hadoop ecosystem is fertile with new technology offerings that pave the way for compelling new deployment options. Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) is one such direction we’re seeing take significant evolutionary steps lately.

Google Compute Engine General Availability

AWS watch out! A new gunslinger is in town with the recent general availability of the Google Compute Engine. This new platform could make a significant difference in the big data arena, affecting offerings like machine-learning-as-a-service and Hadoop-as-a-service.