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StatAce for Cloud Statistics with R


StatAce is a start-up in cloud based data science and statistical computing offering an online graphical R environment which allows you to quickly and easily analyze large data. It facilitates collaboration with others, tracks the changes to your R scripts, and can be accessed from any device.

Interview: How Anaplan Delivers Innovation in Real-Time Data Modeling


“The Anaplan revolution is to provide a big-data engine for business users, removing the need to work with data scientists. The ability to scale your data – 100 billion cells in one model, with 1 billion items in a list – will prove to be the key to proliferation, so long as the data is immediate, useable, consumable via apps, and easy to modify. With Anaplan, business users can build a model with 500 million cells, use it for one hour for a specific purpose, and then throw it away and start on a new one if they want! Ease of use is key. This is the future of enterprise big data.”

Interview: Carpathia Leverages Hadoop and the Cloud to Host Big Data Solutions


“As a cloud operator and managed hosting provider, we’re seeing demand from a wide range of companies that are interested in leveraging the scalability and efficiency benefits of the cloud to better manage, analyze, and extract value from Big Data.”

Revolution Analytics and AWS Join Forces


Amazon Web Services (AWS) now offers a hosted version copy of Revolution R Enterprise 7, providing an easy way for individuals and organizations to start and test their big-data-styled analysis projects.

Why Big Data Needs Cloud

Daniel Hardman

“Tackling big data without a cloud-centric worldview is sort of like building a skyscraper without doing a soil study first: you might make some initial progress, but sooner or later you’ll discover that you need to understand and thoroughly adapt an (inadequate) foundation. At a minimum, you’ll experience false starts and thrashing; in many cases, you may never place a capstone.”

How Kiuwan Measures and Analyzes the Quality of Your Code


“Kiuwan does automatic code review based on static analysis in the cloud. It is SaaS model, as opposed to other software quality solutions based in code analysis that are on-premise and very expensive to implement, Kiuwan is an affordable solution in the cloud. We are the of software quality.”

Doing Data Science in the Cloud with Domino


As a practicing data scientist and big data journalist, I often find myself down in the trenches on pursuit of new trends, products, and services. Earlier this week I attended a local machine learning meetup group event and I came away with a real gem. The presenter mentioned in passing a new cloud service called “Domino” and I rushed back to my office to learn more. I wasn’t disappointed.

Creating Better Infrastructure to Manage Big Data


In this video from SC13, Trev Harmon from Adaptive Computing looks back to the utility computing vision of Douglas Parkhill and proposes an application-centric workflow for the future that fulfills that vision across many disciplines of computing.

Alpine Chorus Unleashes the Power of “Team-Based Data Science”


Alpine Data Labs, a leader in advanced analytics software on big data and Hadoop, announced at the Strata Conference 2014 the introduction of Alpine Chorus, a collaborative advanced analytics solution for big data.

Guavus to Deliver Big Data Analytics Applications in a Virtualized Environment


Guavus, the provider of big data analytics solutions, today announced a platform update that extends the power of real-time analytics applications throughout a virtual infrastructure. The Guavus Reflex™ Platform is an operational intelligence technology that can be deployed in virtualized service infrastructures to provide Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with critical customer information in real-time.