Data Science 101: 250 Years of Bayes Theory


It’s been more than 250 years since the appearance of Bayes theorem (named after English statistician, philosopher and Presbyterian minister Thomas Bayes: 1701-1761), one of the two fundamental inferential principles of mathematical statistics.

Gartner Reveals Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics

Gartner_Advanced Analytics_MQ_Feb2014

The analytics software category is 30 years old and about $15 billion in size. So why is it that information technology research and advisory firm Gartner has not published a standalone Magic Quadrant on the sector until this year? The answer: Gartner has meshed business intelligence with analytics for the past decade, and viewed them […]

Interview: Data Analytics and the Ubiquitous Internet of Things


We sat down with Cristian Borcea, PhD from the New Jersey Institute of Technology to discuss the IoT and Big Data applications. “New machine learning techniques could help us extract knowledge from these data – this happens especially for knowledge that we don’t expect and we don’t even know exists – we cannot search for something that we don’t know exists.”

Splice Machine for SQL-on-Hadoop


Splice Machine has written a compelling new whitepaper justifying the need for SQL-on-Hadoop technology solutions. The whitepaper, “Splice Machine: SQL-on-Hadoop Evaluation Guide” includes a number of useful topics.

Jaspersoft Big Data Survey


Jaspersoft reccently shared results from its Big Data Survey. Nearly 1,600 Jaspersoft community members responded to the survey on enterprise use of big data in corporate decision-making — 60 percent of respondents were application developers.

Hadoop Buyers Guide

Get your complimentary copy of the Hadoop Buyer’s Guide, from Robert D. Schneider, the author of Hadoop for Dummies.

etcML – Free Text-Analysis Tool


Have you every wondered whether a certain TV network has a specific political bias? Is your favorite news source fair and balanced? A group of Stanford computer scientists have created a website with the ability to answer such questions for free using machine learning technology.

The Future of Computer Science


I am convinced we’re at an important inflection point in the timeline of the discipline of computer science. When compared to other disciplines like mathematics, physics and biology, computer science is a very young field, starting around 1964. But something is happening now, in 2014, that is propelling the field into a new evolutionary period.

Machine Learning for Display Advertising

Machine learning technologies have seen many inroads into the advertising industry primarily to make for more intelligent buys and placements in order to deliver a brand message to a selected audience. Here are some compelling SLIDES from a lecture at the New York University Stern School of Business by Foster Provost, Professor of Information Systems: “Machine Learning for Display Advertising.”

FlexPod Select with Hadoop


FlexPod Select with Hadoop delivers enterprise class Hadoop with validated, pre-configured components for fast deployment, higher reliability and smoother integration with existing applications and infrastructure. These technical reference architectures optimize storage, networking, and servers with Cloudera and Hortonworks distributions of Hadoop.