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How Companies are Using Spark


The video below comes to us from the Strata Conference 2014: How Companies are Using Spark, and Where the Edge in Big Data Will Be. While the first big data systems made a new class of applications possible, organizations must now compete on the speed and sophistication with which they can draw value from data. […]

The New York Times Hires a Chief Data Scientist


Demonstrating a new sense of relevancy if not urgency for applying data science to a wide cross section of industries, The New York Times has hired Columbia University applied mathematician Chris Wiggins as its first “chief data scientist.”

H2O and Cloudera Team Up to Deliver In-Memory Predictive Analytics

H2O, the open source in-memory machine learning and predictive analytics company for big data, announced a partnership with Cloudera, a leader in enterprise data management powered by Apache™ Hadoop.

Amazon Flow

Amazon_flow Inc. recently updated its iPhone app with a cool new feature that lets user find items in the online store by simply holding them in front of the phone’s camera. The feature is called “Flow” and is designed to expedite searching for products rather than typing a name or scanning a bar code.

Twitter Data Grants


Twitter recently introduced a pilot project called Twitter Data Grants through which a handful of research institutions are given access to the company’s public and historical data. More than 500 million Tweets a day are generated by the Twitter microblogging service. Such an expansive set of data can allow data scientists to glean insights and learn about a variety of topics.

etcML – Free Text-Analysis Tool


Have you every wondered whether a certain TV network has a specific political bias? Is your favorite news source fair and balanced? A group of Stanford computer scientists have created a website with the ability to answer such questions for free using machine learning technology.

Data Science 101: Interview with John Chambers

The father of the S language which ultimately became R, Dr. John Chambers, sits down with Professor Trevor Hastie of the Stanford University Statistics Department to discuss the long and fascinating history of the R language.

The Machine Learning Skills Pyramid


Much has been written and discussed lately about the data scientist “unicorn” mythology where a single employee personifies a statistician, mathematician, computer scientist, DBA, coder, hardware guru, system admin, and C-suite liaison.

Unsupervised Joke Generation from Big Data

Humor is a very human phenomenon. Can a machine appreciate humor? This reminds me of a scene from the 1994 movie “Star Trek: Generations” where the android Lt. Commander Data discovers humor. After having his emotion chip activated, Data finds everything amusing.

Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization


The quantity and quality of data science education resources just took a step forward with the announcement of the new Johns Hopkins University Data Science Specialization series on the Coursera platform. The series consists of 9 free courses. The first course starts in April 2014.