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Delivering Insight on Mobile Users with Netbiscuits


As the web goes mobile, a vast new set of data is available to marketers. By its very nature, mobile web analytics has more variables and is considerably more complex than the largely static desktop web, but it also offers brands far greater insight into their customers.

Big Data Analytics in Vogue


Big data technology is changing the face of fashion and the way the industry operates in a big way. Big data is all about turning huge quantities of data into insightful and actionable business information. When you cluster data, patterns emerge, ideas are born, and you make better strategic decisions. In an industry where the […]

Slidecast: Teradata’s Aster Discovery Analytics Platform Liberates Data Scientists


According to Teradata, the innovative design of the Aster Discovery Platform will liberate data scientists around the world by reducing complexity, breaking down analytic silos, and magnifying analytic ability.

What Can Hadoop Can Do for Your Big Data Strategy?

SAS Hadoop

For all its agility in handling big data, Hadoop by itself is not a big data strategy.

Big Data Could Add $325 Billion to Economy by 2020

McKinsey has issued a 146 page report this month: Game changers: Five opportunities for US growth and renewal. According to them, Big Data will add $155 to $325 Billion to the US economy by 2020, which represents 0.8 to 1.7 % of GDP. Big-data analytics is a productivity tool. Data is captured everywhere from data […]

GPUs Power Big Data for Frock Finding

In this special guest feature, Dan Olds from Gabriel Consulting writes that a demo at this week’s GPU technology conference showed how Big Data powered by accelerated computing could change the face of retail. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang’s GTC 2013 keynote was a typical whirlwind tour (with real wind, but that’s a different article) through […]

Video: Big Data Video Analytics – From Big Picture To Reality

In this video, Joe Boissy from 3VR presents: Big Data Video Analytics – From Big Picture To Reality. 3VR, the video intelligence company, enables organizations to search, mine and leverage video to bolster security, identify and mitigate fraud and better serve customers. 3VR’s Video Management Software, Network Video Recorders, and Video Analytics allow video surveillance […]

Sears Is Goes All-In On Hadoop

Over at Information Week, Doug Henschen writes that Sears is leveraging Big Data analytics to get closer to its customers. A Shop Your Way Rewards membership program started by Sears in 2011 is part of a five-part strategy to get the company back on track. Behind the scenes is a cutting-edge implementation of Apache Hadoop, […]

Video: Walmart Labs to Build, Open Source Big Data Tools

In this video, GigaStacey interviews Stephen O’Sullivan from Walmart Labs on the company’s plans to build and then open source Big Data tools. Walmart is making a change in the way it does online commerce and there’s a big data story behind that shift. Stephen O’Sullivan, senior director at of Global e-commerce, at Walmart Labs […]

IBM Rolls Out Netezza Big Data Appliance for Retailers

That didn’t take long–yesterday we speculated on how long it would take other top-tier vendors to match Oracle and come out with a Big Data Bundle. Today IBM announced a new Analytics Appliance to help retailers transform Big Data Into business opportunities. IBM Netezza appliances are optimized systems based on IBM BladeCenter technology that can […]