Tuff Yen of Seraph Group Talks Angel Investing and Big Data


“The more exciting development I like to see is the multi-factor correlation discovery. This means that some data scientist can have a predictive model with real data and effects results when you change one or multiple inputs with different outcomes.”

Real-time MapReduce Becomes a Reality


Data grid software leader ScaleOut Software is using in-memory computing to achieve operational analytics for real-time decision making. There are real benefits in support of in-memory technology when it comes to fraud alerts, transportation management, and taking advantage of short-lived financial opportunities.

Stock Forecasting with Machine Learning

One of the unwritten axioms of data scientists specializing in machine learning methodologies is that they all try their hand at predicting the stock market. Some of the best attempts have turned a tidy profit, still others have seen their way into the top hedge fund companies.

Emerging Big Data Opportunities For CFOs

The corporate finance community is specifically tailored to gain benefit from the growth of big data technology. For finance it’s the name of the game to utilize analytics to gain a strategic advantage. A recent Forbes interview, Emerging Big Data Opportunities for CFOs, with Carlos Passi, assistant controller of IBM, discussed emerging types of data […]

The Trading Show New York 2013


Big Data experts from the world’s premiere investment banks will congregate in New York City on Dec. 3-4 to discuss the latest methodologies, techniques, and advancements to effectively and efficiently harness big data in finance.

Long Live In Memory Computing

Nikita Ivanov, CTO of GridGain

By Nikita Ivanov, CEO of GridGain in Memory Computing. In the last 12 months we observed a growing trend that use cases for distributed caching are rapidly going away as customers are moving up stack… in droves. Let me elaborate by highlighting three points that when combined provide a clear reason behind this observation.

Why Big Data Matters to Finance


Finance experts instinctively understand that data have value. It’s the lifeblood of their industry after all. But some in the financial domain may not grasp all that data have to offer. Data science and big data have led to an expansion of the number of types of data sets, often referred to as Variety (one of […]

Tech Tip: Financial Data Accessible from R

As a technical tip for all you budding Quants out there, here is an interesting blog called The R Trader which caters to the quantitative trading/investment industry in general and folks using R in particular. I stumbled across this blog with this recent post: Financial Data Accessible from R which includes a useful table of […]

Finance – Where HPC Teams Up With Big Data


A group of researchers from three U.S. universities are leveraging high performance computing (HPC) systems in conjunction with Big Data systems to make a significant step forward in the rapid analysis of financial markets; in effect reducing processing from hours/days down to minutes. The researchers from the University of Illinois, the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center at […]

Warriors Armed with Algorithms


A new breed of data science “tournaments” is taking front stage in finding fresh new talent to serve the hedge fund industry. An interesting article appearing in the New York Times describes the latest BattleFin competition, called the Big Data Combine, where 382 teams from 43 countries have been given a data set of stock […]