Warriors Armed with Algorithms


A new breed of data science “tournaments” is taking front stage in finding fresh new talent to serve the hedge fund industry. An interesting article appearing in the New York Times describes the latest BattleFin competition, called the Big Data Combine, where 382 teams from 43 countries have been given a data set of stock […]

What Can Hadoop Can Do for Your Big Data Strategy?

SAS Hadoop

For all its agility in handling big data, Hadoop by itself is not a big data strategy.

Big Data: Plenty of Jobs, Shortage of Talent

The demand for big data professionals is far outstripping the supply. There is a shortage of people trained in big data, statistics, business intelligence, and data analytics. According to Newsfactor Business Report, by 2018 the U.S. could face a shortfall at 140,000 workers. A recent survey by CareerBuilder found that “jobs tied to managing and […]

Big Data Could Replace Your Credit Score


Startups are using Big Data analytics as a decision support tool to completely replace the traditional FICO credit score.

Big Data Could Add $325 Billion to Economy by 2020

McKinsey has issued a 146 page report this month: Game changers: Five opportunities for US growth and renewal. According to them, Big Data will add $155 to $325 Billion to the US economy by 2020, which represents 0.8 to 1.7 % of GDP. Big-data analytics is a productivity tool. Data is captured everywhere from data […]

Big Data’s Role in International Development, Poverty Reduction, and Disease Control

The World Economic Forum has just released a report on the impact of Big Data in international development. The amount of data in the world is exploding – large portion of this comes from the interactions over mobile devices being used by people in the developing world – people whose needs and habits have been […]

CFOs Take Note: Big Data on the March

Are your competitors using Big Data? The Wall Street Journal reports that a recent Forrester Research indicates increasing adoption of Big Data technologies. The study of 634 companies revealed that forty four percent have implemented, expanded, or plan to implement Big Data technologies. And while an additional thirty one percent are interested, they have no deployment […]

Video: Big Data in Banking

In this video from the 2013 National HPCC Conference, Bradford Spiers from Bank of America presents: Big Data in Banking. To some people, Big Data in Banking might relate them to calls from their credit card when a charge seems unusual. To others, it might mean calculations behind low-latency trading. Initially, it seemed to mean […]

Financial Reporting to Get Big Data Kick with Inline-XBRL

Tammy Whitehouse writes that the Securities and Exchange Commission is testing the waters to see if companies are interested in having the option to file their financial statements in inline XBRL. In-line XBRL allows XBRL tags to be embedded within an HTML document. Members of the SEC staff, including Deputy Chief Accountant Mike Starr, have […]