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Marketers On Path to Harnessing Power of Big Data

A recent big data report was based on a Forbes Insights survey and conducted in association with Rocket Fuel, a provider of artificial intelligence advertising solutions. The report provides insight into how marketers perceive the value of using big data technology to drive marketing initiatives.

Data Science – Found Your Unicorn Yet?


You’ll find much banter in the data science ecosystem these days about all the skill-sets required to effectively function as a data scientist. Some have gone so far as to label the perfect melange of experience and knowledge as a “Unicorn.” This a reference to the recent discussions in the press and blogosphere indicating that Data Scientists are as hard to find as unicorns.

2014 Resolutions and Goals for a Storage Technologist

Kevin Dudak

“Most technology does some things well, and some things poorly. There is no ‘one thing’ that is the perfect solution for all use cases. As you make your next move, pick gear, software and partners that will first and foremost help solve the problem, don’t worry about what someone else will think of your choice. On more occasions than you think, an “old” technology, such as tape or virtualization, can create a competitive advantage.”

Hadoop-as-a-Service a Timely Deployment Option


The Hadoop ecosystem is fertile with new technology offerings that pave the way for compelling new deployment options. Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) is one such direction we’re seeing take significant evolutionary steps lately.

$16.1 Billion Big Data Market: 2014 Predictions From IDC And IIA


As 2013 draws to a close, it is time for industry analysts and pundits to present their assessments of the year in order to predict where Big Data is headed in 2014. Forbes recently came out with a useful summary of predictions from IDC and IIA which could serve as a balanced road map for […]

Visualization of the Week: 2013 Year in Review


2013 was a pretty good year for data and visualizations. Visualization in particular continues to mature and focus more on the data first than on novel designs and magnitude of scope. Our friends over at FlowingData have put together a thought-provoking REVIEW of many of the year’s most compelling visualizations.

Healthcare’s Resistance to Big Data

The healthcare industry is renowned for its tardiness in entering the big data realm. Invested in archaic IT technology and maintaining a mindset that technological change must progress at a snail’s pace, means that healthcare may be one of the last industries to benefit from what big data can deliver even though it is possibly […]

The State of Big Data: What the Surveys Say


As a data scientist, I should believe in the value of surveys and other data collection mechanisms. In the case IT industry surveys, I’m not convinced how accurately the respondents report their reality while rushing through online surveys. So taking the results with a grain of salt, I found an intriguing article appearing in Forbes: The State of Big Data: What The Surveys Say.

Data Science Wars: Python vs. R


As I frequently travel in data science circles, I’m hearing more and more about a new kind of tech war: Python vs. R. I’ve lived through many tech wars in the past, e.g. Windows vs. Linux, iPhone vs. Android, etc., but this tech war seems to have a different flavor to it.

Enterprise Data Hubs


There has been a lot of discussion lately about enterprise data hubs. Two major Hadoop distributions, Cloudera and MapR, are making a lot of noise to the business community with the statement that the center of gravity is shifting away from data warehouses toward Hadoop.