Finance – Where HPC Teams Up With Big Data


A group of researchers from three U.S. universities are leveraging high performance computing (HPC) systems in conjunction with Big Data systems to make a significant step forward in the rapid analysis of financial markets; in effect reducing processing from hours/days down to minutes. The researchers from the University of Illinois, the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center at […]

Brookhaven’s Superheroes of Big Data


Big Data science has long-relied on supercomputers to do immense amounts of number-crunching and data-sifting that would otherwise be impossible or take a very, very, very long time. At Brookhaven Labs, 23 racks containing thousands of processors give scientists the computer power they need. Our supercomputers also help us dig through the massive amounts of […]

Can High Energy Physics Change How We Do Big Data?


Dr. Frank Wuerthwein discusses his upcoming talk on Dynamic Datacenters and Particle Physics at the ISC Big Data’13 conference in Heidelberg.

Machine Learning to Power HPC & Big Data Convergence

Flavio Villanustre writes that convergence of HPC and Big Data applications is being driven by machine learning.

Podcast: How General Catalyst Partners Sparks Big Data Innovation

  In this podcast, Deepak Jeevan Kumar from VC firm General Catalyst Partners describes his efforts to help entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas in big data, cloud computing, data center infrastructure, cyber-security, and clean energy. Deepak Jeevan Kumar has been with General Catalyst since 2010, first in Boston and later in the firm’s Palo Alto office. […]

Qlustar: A Full-fledged HPC/Storage Cluster OS

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Europe Conference, Roland Fehrenbacher from Q-Leap Networks presents: Qlustar – A full-fledged HPC/Storage Cluster OS.

DDN – Massively-Scalable Platforms and Solutions Engineered for the Big Data and Cloud Era

In this video from the DDN User Group at ISC’13, James Coomer from DataDirect Networks presents: Massively-Scalable Platforms and Solutions Engineered for the Big Data and Cloud Era. Check out more from the International Supercomputing Conference at our ISC’13 Video Gallery.

Video: Brent Gorda on the State of the Lustre Community at ISC'13

In this video from ISC’13, Brent Gorda from the Intel High Performance Data Division describes the growth of the Lustre Community as well as the company’s recent launch of the Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre. Enterprise users are looking for cost-effective and scalable tools to efficiently manage and quickly access large volumes of data to […]

Video: RDMA Accelerated Big Data Applications

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council European Conference 2013, Eyal Gutkind from Mellanox presents: RDMA Accelerated Big Data Applications. Download the slides (PDF) and check out more videos at the HPC Advisory Council European Conference Video Gallery.

Video: HPC and Big Data Trends for 2013

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council European Conference 2013, Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research presents: High Performance Computing Trends for 2013. This presentation is an overview of the current important trends in HPC, based on the latest end-user research studies and market forecasts. Topics include accelerator adoption, the role of HPC in Big […]