Video: New Lustre 2.5 Release Offers HSM Capabilities


The new Lustre 2.5 release features Hierarchal Storage Management (HSM) and an Extended Attribute Cache.

Rich Brueckner presents: Big Data – What is it Really About?

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 6.28.28 AM

Rich Brueckner from insideBIGDATA describes what’s really behind high performance data analysis and why you should care.

Long Live In Memory Computing

Nikita Ivanov, CTO of GridGain

By Nikita Ivanov, CEO of GridGain in Memory Computing. In the last 12 months we observed a growing trend that use cases for distributed caching are rapidly going away as customers are moving up stack… in droves. Let me elaborate by highlighting three points that when combined provide a clear reason behind this observation.

Slidecast: SGI to Speed High Performance Analysis with Big Data Innovations


Drawing on extensive expertise and experience in HPC and managing high volume storage, SGI is introducing new solutions to perform Big Data analytics faster. Now the enterprise can achieve extreme capacity and scale needed for Big Data storage, and manage storage investments more cost effectively.

Our Own Rich Brueckner to Discuss Big Data at October Carrier Event


I’m really excited to be coming to the Bay Area to give a talk on Big Data on Oct. 30. I promise our readers it will be a fun talk, so I invite our readers to please come out and join us!

Enabling Real-Time Analytics Using Hadoop Map/Reduce


Welcome to real-time analytics for Hadoop! ScaleOut hServer V2 is the world’s first in-memory execution engine for Hadoop MapReduce. Now you can analyze live data using standard Hadoop MapReduce code, in memory and in parallel without the need to install and manage the Hadoop stack of software.

Finance – Where HPC Teams Up With Big Data


A group of researchers from three U.S. universities are leveraging high performance computing (HPC) systems in conjunction with Big Data systems to make a significant step forward in the rapid analysis of financial markets; in effect reducing processing from hours/days down to minutes. The researchers from the University of Illinois, the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center at […]

Brookhaven’s Superheroes of Big Data


Big Data science has long-relied on supercomputers to do immense amounts of number-crunching and data-sifting that would otherwise be impossible or take a very, very, very long time. At Brookhaven Labs, 23 racks containing thousands of processors give scientists the computer power they need. Our supercomputers also help us dig through the massive amounts of […]

Can High Energy Physics Change How We Do Big Data?


Dr. Frank Wuerthwein discusses his upcoming talk on Dynamic Datacenters and Particle Physics at the ISC Big Data’13 conference in Heidelberg.

Machine Learning to Power HPC & Big Data Convergence

Flavio Villanustre writes that convergence of HPC and Big Data applications is being driven by machine learning.