Northwestern University in Qatar to Host Big Data Symposium


Northwestern University in Qatar has announced an open symposium, which will apply the booming phenomenon of “big data” to the understanding of media management, content production and consumption. It will be held November 19 at NU-Q.

Big Impact from Big Data

Facebook’s analytics team head, Ken Rudin, delivered a presentation at this week’s Strata Conference + Hadoop World: “Big Impact from Big Data.”

Rich Brueckner presents: Big Data – What is it Really About?

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 6.28.28 AM

Rich Brueckner from insideBIGDATA describes what’s really behind high performance data analysis and why you should care.

Future of Statistics Unconference

The Simply Statistics Blog is hosting a web conference on Oct. 30 at Noon-1pm EDT – the inaugural Future of Statistics Unconference.

From Fiction to Facts With Big Data Analytics

Platfora’s Founder & CEO, Ben Werther made a presentation at this week’s Strata Conference + Hadoop World: “From Fiction to Facts With Big Data Analytics.”

Hadoop’s Impact on the Future of Data Management

Cloudera’s CEO Mike Olson delivers a talk at today’s Strata Conference + Hadoop World: “Hadoop’s Impact on the Future of Data Management.”

The Trading Show New York 2013


Big Data experts from the world’s premiere investment banks will congregate in New York City on Dec. 3-4 to discuss the latest methodologies, techniques, and advancements to effectively and efficiently harness big data in finance.

Delivering Insight on Mobile Users with Netbiscuits


As the web goes mobile, a vast new set of data is available to marketers. By its very nature, mobile web analytics has more variables and is considerably more complex than the largely static desktop web, but it also offers brands far greater insight into their customers.

Video: Big Data and the Excellence Revolution


In this video from TEDxAmsterdamED 2013, Jelte de Jong discusses his foundation that seeks to solve educational problems using learning analytics and Big Data. Excellence is driven by the quality of thousands of micro decisions that teachers make every day. Today, educators pride themselves on ‘fact-based’ decisions. In reality these ‘facts’ (e.g. test results) obstruct balanced, intuitive decision-making.

Data Elite VC Fund Launches for Big Data Startups


An early-stage venture fund and incubator called Data Elite has launched to fill a need for Big Data startups that have found generic startup incubators and investment funds unsatisfactory.