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Inside BigData: Sports Roundup By the Numbers

Here at inside-BigData, we’re not that different from everyone else: We like our sports. But we are a little geekish (no surprise there), so we enjoy exploring the numbers behind the sports. We’ve got three articles to share: “Big Data Analytics Versus Your Own Lying Eyes” discusses how analytics has finally hit Hollywood with “Moneyball,” […]

SAS Analytics Drives Kelly Blue Book In New Direction

SAS Analytics software has given Kelly Blue Book the resources to transform Big Data into unrivaled insights for the automotive marketplace. The premier source of new- and used-car information created an enterprise analytic center of excellence – expanding from one employee to 23 in just three years – that improved decision making and helped the […]

Can Big Data Bring Business and IT Together?

Gary Cokins wonders if the analytics trend could remove the traditional corporate wall between “The Business” and the IT organization. Referencing a provocative article by Jim Harris, Cokins argues that the more the business side relies on data analytics the more collaborative the relationship with IT must be. Today’s flood of data not only answers […]

Data Management at Zynga

Curt Monash recently attended a “bit of a bash” with, among others, Ken Rudin of Zynga, the social gaming company. Of particular interest was Zynga’s approach to analytic database design: Data is divided into two parts. One part has a pretty ordinary schema; the other is just stored as a huge list of name-value pairs. (This […]

Video: Stephen Gold of IBM Talks Up Careers in Predictive Analytics

This pep talk by IBM’s Stephen Gold, business line executive in charge of the company’s SPSS unit, is required back to school viewing for anyone who is considering a career in predictive analytics. He discusses the value of having skills in predictive analytics and the increased demand for such skills by employers around the globe. […]

Podcast: Are Hard Drives Getting Too Big?

Podcast Powered By Podbean Storage pundit Greg Schulz asks the question: Are hard drives getting too big? As I discuss in this pod cast with Rick Vannover of Veeam, with the 2TB and even larger future 4TB, 8 to 9TB, 18TB, 36TB and 48 to 50TB drives not many years away, sure they are getting […]