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Hadoop-as-a-Service a Timely Deployment Option


The Hadoop ecosystem is fertile with new technology offerings that pave the way for compelling new deployment options. Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) is one such direction we’re seeing take significant evolutionary steps lately.

Visualization of the Week: Groups of Death in the World Cup


When FIFA announced the final matchups for the 2014 World Cup, the selections brought tough news for U.S. soccer fans. Team USA was placed in a group with Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. Germany and Portugal are both ranked among the top five teams in the world and Ghana beat the United States in the previous two World Cups. For Team USA, it’s a group of death.

ESG Lab Validation Report – NetApp Open Soution for Hadoop


Learn why NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop is better than clusters built on commodity storage. This ESG lab report details the reasons why NetApp’s use of direct attached storage for Hadoop improves performance, scalability and availability compared to typical internal hard drive Hadoop deployments.

Diving Deep With Python

The Python language is gaining steam in the data science and machine learning communities. But as with getting up to speed with any programming language for the fist time, you’ll experience some growing pains. Here is a welcoming video tutorial called “Python Epiphanies” presented at PyCon 2012 in San Jose by Stuart Williams.

Big Data and the Rise of Augmented Intelligence


In this talk, Sean Gourley examines this world of augmented intelligence and shows how our understanding of the human brain is shaping the way we visualize and interact with big data. Gourley argues that the world we are living in is too complex for any single human mind to understand and that we need to team up with machines to make better decisions.

Google Compute Engine General Availability

AWS watch out! A new gunslinger is in town with the recent general availability of the Google Compute Engine. This new platform could make a significant difference in the big data arena, affecting offerings like machine-learning-as-a-service and Hadoop-as-a-service.

What is a Data Scientist?

From our friends at The Wall Street Journal Tech, we have a short video explaining “What is a Data Scientist.” Being interviewed by WSJ Europe Technology Editor Ben Rooney is Dr. DJ Patil, currently Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock Partners. As you’ll see, his main criteria for being a good data scientist are being […]

NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop


Interested in running a Hadoop proof of concept on enterprise-class storage? Download this special technical report – The NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop Solutions Guide – from the insideBIGDATA whitepaper library to get a technical overview on building Hadoop on NetApp E-series storage.

Data Science 101: Data Analysis MOOC Post-Mortem

The Coursera Data Analysis course recently completed its latest 8 week session. I was delighted to serve as Community TA for the class and I believe the attendees received extraordinary value for their time spent learning this important subject.

A Look Ahead at Big Data and Cognitive Computing


In this video, Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro from KDNuggets and Michael Karasick from IBM discuss the current state of Big Data analytics and where it might be intersecting with cognitive computing in the future.